Rev Arduino Ethernet shield 3

Rev Arduino Ethernet shield 3

Rev Arduino Ethernet shield 3


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New Ethernet shield for kit Arduino with Connector for micro SD card.

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Arduino Ethernet Shield 2


This shield or shielding Arduino allows you to add the LAN Ethernet function to your Arduino kit to connect it to your network, Intranet or Internet.

This shield (shield) is based on the controller Ethernet Breadboard W5100)Datasheet)

It has an RJ45 connector and in this new version it is also equipped with a microSD connector.

The dialogue takes place via an SPI affair.

The shield has a connector to add the PoE module allowing feeding through a CAT5 ethernet cable.

This version is compatible with Arduino MEGA 2560 Duemilanove and Arduino UNO kit.

The R3 version has appropriate additional pine to the standard 1.0 PINOUT Arduino, that only the empéche not to be compatible with older versions.


Documentation Arduino:

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Download the Arduino software

You can find the Ethernet development library on Ethernet Librairy and the development SD library on SD Librairy


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