Shield Arduino GSM V2 with integrated antenna

Shield Arduino GSM V2 with integrated antenna

Shield Arduino GSM V2 with integrated antenna


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Shield to add MOBILE connectivity to your Arduino board.

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The Arduino GSM Shield allows an Arduino board to connect to the Internet, make / receive voice calls and send / receive SMS messages.

The Shield uses a M10 of Quectel radio modem.

It is possible to communicate with the card by using the commands.

The GSM Arduino shield uses the digital pins 2 and 3 for the communication of series with the M10.

PIN 7 is used for the PWRKEYdu modem function.

The M10 is a modem GSM / GPRS Quad-band who works at frequencies GSM850MHz, GSM900MHz, DCS1800MHzand PCS1900MHz. It supports the Protocols TCP / UDP and HTTP via a GPRS connection.

Descending and rising GPRS data binding has a maximum speed of transfer is 85.6 kbps.

This shield requires an active SIM card to operate. 

The shield is in pinout revision 1.0 (rev 3) on standard Arduino.

It is recommended to use an external power supply that can provide between 700mA and 1000mA. Fuel card Arduino and the shield mobile PHONE through a USB connection was not recommended.


  • Power supply: 5V
  • Connectivity: GSM and GPRS networks
  • Type of communication: SMS, GPRS, calls Data Connection
  • Antenna: integrated


Documentation of the GSM Arduino shield: Arduino Shield GSM 2


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