Kit Camera Series - Grove



This camera with interface series standard Grove is ideal for Arduino.

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This Kit Camera series in the grove standard is ideal for arduino, it possible to make recognition of object of part a 30W present on the kit, allowing too much reactivity treatment by the Arduino.

Two sets of interchangeable lentlles are provided with this kit Camera Series:

  • A standard lens for the basic shooting.
  • A grans angle lens to widen the vision for the craziest projects.

The grove standard cable is provided with this module.


  • Compatible interface Grove
  • Power supply: 5V
  • Resolution: 300000 pixels
  • Resolution: 640 * 480, 320 * 240, 160 * 120
  • UART Baud Rate: 9600 ~ 115200
  • Communication: RS485 and RS232
  • Photo compression JPEG, high, medium and low levels of option
  • MCO
  • The event of automatic exposure control
  • Auto white balance control
  • Adjustable focus


The Camera Series Grove SDK documentation: Grove - Serial Camera Kit

Arduino code example: Github - Demo Code


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