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The first official Arduino robot with two processors, a series of sensors, and two motorized wheels.

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The Arduino Robot consists of two cards (Control board) and Motor Board, which have each a microcontroller ATMEGA32U4 and can interact autonomously with a series of sensors and actuators.

Control Board

The map Control Board is dedicated to the control of the robot, there is:

  • A micro-block Atmel ATMega32U4 clocked at 16 MHz
  • An area to receive a display TFT (such as the explore) and micro-SD slot
  • A speaker
  • A 512 Kbps in I2C EEPROM
  • A potentiometer
  • A magnetic compass
  • Connectors and prototyping areas
  • Arduino-robot-control-board-02

Motor Board

It's the card dedicated to the game engine and power, we find:

  • A microcontroller Atmel ATMega32U4 clocked at 16 MHz
  • support for 4 AA batteries
  • Two motors with wheels
  • A power off switch
  • Infrared sensors and LED witnesses
  • Connectors and prototyping areas

Official Arduino made in Italy

What is that the Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform that consists of components and easy to use software.

Who is Arduino?

The Arduino kit is intended for artists, designers, enthusiasts and all who are interested in creating interactive objects.

How to use the Arduino?

The Arduino can detect are environment with the addition of sensors that you connect on its pine trees of entries.
Just then retrieve that information and process them by programming the ARduino using the Arduino development software (free). You can then drive outputs which will act on other elements like the LEDS, displays, motors, and many others.

Examples with Arduino kits

You can find out what it is possible to achieve with an Arduino kit on the blog.



Documentation Arduino:

Arduino in French documentation:

Arduino Robot documentation:

Download the Arduino software


A question?

You want information or information, do not hesitate to ask on the forum:

A question?

You want information or information, do not hesitate to ask on the forum:


Arduino Semageek store is an official distributor of Arduino to the France.

Data sheet

Micro-contôroleur - Horloge16 MHz
Flash32 KB
EEPROM1 KB + 512 Kbit
Tension logique (GPIO)5V
Alimentation nominale5V
Connectique pour chargementUSB Type B

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