Tinkerkit Dmx Receiver Mosfet

Tinkerkit Dmx Receiver Mosfet

Tinkerkit Dmx Receiver Mosfet



??Tinkerkit DMX Receiver Relay module allows to control 4 MOSFET with a DMX connection?

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The DMX Mosfet Receiver is a DMX module that allows to drive 4 MOSFET individually. It is possible to fly simply with the Thinkerkit DMX Master shield.

This shield requires a 12V to work and each Mosfet can switch up to 24V.

This card can also function autonomously because it has a present equivalent to those circuit on the Arduino Leonardo maps.

The address of the module is configurable with a switch, which allows for up to 128 cards of this type there on a DMX connection.


The card has:

  • 1 Terminal block quick 8 points for MOSFET outputs
  • 1 Terminal block quick 2 points for external power supply 
  • 1 bormier fast 6 points the DMX (D +, D-, GND connection, D +, D-, GND)
  • 1 micro-USB for use as a stand-alone connector?


Documentation of the?Tinkerkit DMX Receiver Relay? : http://www.tinkerkit.com/DMX-relay-receiver/?

Library for Arduino DMX: http://www.tinkerkit.com/dmxmaster-library/?

Documentation Arduino: http://Arduino.cc/

Arduino in French documentation: http://Arduino.cc/FR/main/homepage

Download the Arduino software http://Arduino.cc/en/main/software 


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