Breakout Kit DS1307 - Adafruit

Breakout Kit DS1307 - Adafruit

Breakout Kit DS1307 - Adafruit

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Breakout Kit RTC (Real Time Clock) pourt implement time on editing your Arduino.

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You need to calculate the time in one of your application. This kit will allow you to add this feature to your installation by a RTC (Real Time clock) DS1307 circuit.

The kit has a battery to keep the same date and time when the power of your editing is cut. This kit uses an I2C link to be connected to the arduino.

This Breakout kit is sold with all the elements to be welded.

The CR1220 Lithium 3V batteryis not provided.

Dimensions: 24 x 31mm


The kit is composed of:

  • A PCB to solder the components
  • A circuit RTC DS1307
  • A 32,768 Mhz quartz
  • Two resistors 2.2kohms
  • A 100nF capacitor
  • A connector header 5 points
  • Support for weld to battery


Documentation Adafruit for edit: http://www.ladyada.NET/learn/breakoutplus/ds1307rtc.html

You can find the RTC library for arduino on


  • A CR1220 Lithium 3V battery


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