IMU 9 DOF NXP Precise - FXOS8700 and FXAS21002

IMU 9 DOF NXP Precise - FXOS8700 and FXAS21002

IMU 9 DOF NXP Precise - FXOS8700 and FXAS21002

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An IMU 9 DOF NXP very accurate based on FXOS8700 and FXAS21002

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The breakout NXP Precision 9DoF crate combines two of the best tested at Adafruit motion sensors: accelerometer and 3 FXOS8700 and the gyro axis magnetometer 3 axes FXAS21002.

These two sensors combine to create a very good 9 - DoF kit, which can be used for the detection of movement and orientation. In particular, we believe that this set of sensors is ideal for AHRS-based orientation calculations: the performance of the stability of the gyroscope is superior to the LSM9DS0, LSM9DS1, L3GD20H + LSM303, MPU-9250 and even the BNO-055.

Compared to the BNO055, this sensor will show you performance similar orientation, but at a lower price because the calculations are performed on your microcontroller, not the sensor itself. The trade-off is that you will sacrifice about 15 KB of Flash space and computing cycles to do the calculations internally.

To get started quickly and easily, we have a version of AHRS that we have adapted to work on USB or through Bluetooth the. Load the code on your Arduino compatible card and you will get the orientation data in the form of angles or quaternions to Euler! It will work on an ATmega328 (code requires 15 KB of flash), but faster or larger chips such as M0 or ESP8266 will give you more freedom.

Each card comes with two circuits soldered on a map of breakout with 4 mounting holes. The card supports the SPINNAKER, but the MISO PIN is not 3 State, so we decided to use the ordinary I2C working well and which is supported by all modern microcontrollers. There is a 3.3V regulator and an adaptation of level on the I2C and Reset lines, so that you can use with the power supply / logic of 3.3V or 5V.

Each card is sold fully assembled and tested and a male plug not welded. 


The NXP Precision 9DoF map consists of two integrated circuits separated, as described in detail below:

FXOS8700 3-axis accelerometer / magnetometer


  • Power supply 2 - 3.6V 
  • Adjustable acceleration range ± 2 g / 4 g ± / ± 8 g 
  • Magnetic sensor ± 1200 μT 
  • Data rates of output (ODR) from 1.563 Hz to 800 Hz
  • Resolution ADC 14 bit for acceleration measures
  • Resolution ADC 16 bits for magnetic measurements


Gyroscope 3 axes FXAS21002

  • Power supply 2 - 3.6V 
  • Configurable range 250, 500, 1000, 2000 ° / s 
  • Data rate (ODR) output of 12.5 to 800 Hz
  • 16-bit digital output resolution
  • 192 bytes buffer FIFO (32 samples X / Y / Z)


  • "The product dimensions: 28.3 mm x 20.5 mm x 3.0 mm / 1.1"x 0.8"x 0.1"
  • Product weight: 2.1 g / 0.1 oz


NXP Precision 9DoF Breakout


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